Light Grid Racing

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You are a computer programmer who’s been zapped into the grid, a virtual world run by the Main Control Program, an Artificial Intelligence bent on destroying human beings. Your aim is to escape this electronic world.

3 reviews for Light Grid Racing

  1. Willie! – Colecovisions Podcast

    Being a big fan of Tron, I was very excited to see this game come to the colecovision. I had was able to beta test this game and do a interview with the programmer for the colecovisions podcast. What this programmer did is amazing, not only does it have a nearly arcade perfect version of the light cycle level from the Tron arcade game he also thew in some really cool levels and power ups! Really fun game!

  2. FrozenGamer

    One the best ColecoVision homebrews ever!
    Takes the classic light cycles level of the arcade and adds multiplayer coop, smart computer opponents, multiple new arena designs with powerups and secret bonus levels! Tight controls, authentic music and sound make this a must have. Play with a friend and enter a whole new world of fun!

  3. Brandon Needham

    This game is really something special. What can I say that hasn’t already been said!!! It takes the light cycle level from the arcade and improves upon it. I play this game at least once a day, it is really that good. If your a fan of Tron, Tron arcade or really just want a great game to add to your collection, this is one you should get!

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