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This fast-moving game puts you in control of a thundering locomotive. You must direct the locomotive down the track and pick up the passengers along the way. In doing so, you must avoid a deadly runaway train that is out to demolish your locomotive! This game is for any locomotive or model train enthusiast. Instead of heading down to the hobby store you can take control of a locomotive right in your living room.

Can you stay on the track and score?

***** Please note that this game is available on back order. that’s mean, it could take 2 to 8 weeks for shipping.

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  1. Willie! – Colecovisions Podcast

    I played this game the arcade many many years ago, have not seen one in years. This game for the ColecoVision captures that hectic gameplay of the arcade version quite well! I like Dodgem games and when you combine that with trains, its a win win for me!

  2. Dan G

    Wow, from vapourware to real software. I remember seeing this game on the Colecovision box, but it never came out. Now all these years later, here it is. I love the frantic gameplay and great soundtrack (Ozzy anyone). Great addition to the Colecovision library. Top quality as expected from Collectorvision

  3. Edward Desalme


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