Sydney Hunter and The Sacred Tribe

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You’re Sydney Hunter, the great adventurer 
You’ve been exploring the Yucatán Peninsula, seeking treasures
As you traveled, you were captured in the night by a mysterious tribe
Although they claim they won’t hurt you, you are still their prisoner…


  • Over 100 unique screens!
  • 9 unique songs!
  • 10 Different types of enemies!
  • Treasures & Secrets!
  • Great replay value!


  • Box
  • Game Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual


6 reviews for Sydney Hunter and The Sacred Tribe

  1. Phil S (verified owner)

    This is by far the best new game for Colecovision. The game incorporates nostalgic aspects such as Pitfall Montezuma’s Revenge with new innovative graphics. Game play is excellent as you can see smooth animated sprites, spot on collision detection and thoughtful ambient graphics. This new and original game is best played in the dark.

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    Loving this new game one of the best games I’ve played for colecovision yet keep up the good work

  3. Dan

    I just picked up a copy yesterday and I am truly impressed. Another great job from Collectorvision. Everything from the packaging, programming and graphics is top notch. You need this game in your collection.

  4. Brandon Needham (verified owner)

    Again I am beyond impressed with the quality from Collectorvision. Everything about this game from packaging, to the actual game play is superb. Amazing graphics and a great game with massive replay value. Thank you for another job well done on a very original new game for the Colecovision! Highly recommend this game!!

  5. SW (verified owner)

    I was really impressed with the creativity and diversity of this game as well as the detail that went into the backgrounds. It all made the game very immersive, especially with the multiple paths and ways of taking a path: ladders, vines, doorways, ect. It feels like a real adventure. The different creatures and enemies were fun as well. Seems partly inspired by Super Mario Bros, Pitfall 2, dungeon crawlers, but with a whole different mysterious lost ancient temple vibe.

  6. Carlos Gonzalez

    Sydney Hunter and The Sacred Tribe is one of the best Homebrew games of 2017. It does a wonderful Job with level designs, gameplay along with controls are top notch, and the graphics are gorgeous. I love the tricky puzzles are and one false move (such as a wrong jump) could lead you to your doom. The game is also very big and open which makes the player take their time to think in order to solve everything. For any coleco fans or retro gaming fans in general who grew up with Pitfall, Metroid and other similar games, then look no further. You will love this game.

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