Jester Phoenix Exclusive


You’re Jester, you’ve been sent by the king to gather the sacred treasures in the dungeon



  • Grey Cartridge
  • Full colors Box & Manual
  • NTSC & PAL Compatible
  • Music/SFX done with Famitracker
  • A love letter to ”Le Fou du Roi”*



*Based on an exclusive and obscure (also lost in time) Canadian game named: Le Fou du Roi.

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You are Jester, the King’s fool. Your goal is to collect the Element items in the middle of each rooms in all of the dungeons. To do so, you need to collect a KEY in a room to open the lock that leads to an Element item. When you get a Sword you will be able to defeat the guards, if you kill all four of them, you will get a Bonus Item.

PROGRAMMED by Jean-Michel Girard

 You could find more about this game by clicking here!

*Note that this game will NOT work on a regular ColecoVision. You need a Phoenix console to play it.

**We Only have 60 copies in Stock ready to go.  When they all sold, We will take pre-orders! Thats mean, you’re still be able to get a copy!

This is a WIP of the NES version, but that will give you a very good idea of the game play.



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