FuzzyWOMP ColecoVision


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Single player learning game,

Learning with FuzzyWOMP


By selecting the award-winning Learning with FuzzyWOMP™,
you have given your child a head start in learning experiences.
This collection of games is tailored to meet the needs of the child who cannot read.


  • Great for little kids!
  • 4 Games to pick from!
  • Unreleased game from the 80’s!
  • Limited to 100 copies!

The contains: 

  • Box.
  • Standard Black cart.
  • Instruction Manual


You can find more details on FuzzyWONP home page, click here!


**Please note that we are shipping from Canada  with Tracking number

***Note, We have 100 copies ready to go! Its your only chance! when they are gone, they are gone!


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