CollectorVision Experience Club Membership (2022)


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PLEASE NOTE: The membership and the 3 Games will be shipped this Summer 2022!
The CollectorVision Experience Club

Yes! once again, because of you, the CollectorVision club is back for another year!

This Club has been brought to you so you can support us and get exclusive game(s)!

Since you asked, this year you’ll get more time to register and registration will remain open until late January 2022.

This is for all true ColecoVision fans!


If there’s one year you don’t want to miss being a member of the CollectorVision Experience Club,
This is it!   The 2022 edition!

 Its been 4 years now that we’re bringing you BRAND NEW and FULLY EXCLUSIVE games made ONLY for the Experience Club members.
2022 is no different!
This year is certainly going to be our biggest year in terms of bringing you awesome games!
We try to pay attention to every little detail.
You can ask our previous members and they’ll tell you  how great and worth it the club is.

Our games will always remain a secret. So when you receive your Membership Club package from us, it’s really going to feel like Christmas again!

What do you get?

– You will receive a Personalized Membership Card.  (If you were a member last year, we’ll give you the same member number.)
– Get access to our updated CollectorVision rom vault exclusive to the 2022 members!
– You will also receive 2 complete in box ColecoVision Games Exclusive to this Club! + 1 Bonus (CIB) game! ( SHIPPING & TRACKING INCLUDED )

The first game being a conversion of a VERY POPULAR arcade game which is about time that it gets  a proper ColecoVision release,

The second game is a previously UNRELEASED GAME with a VERY UNIQUE AND AWESOME packaging!  NEVER BEEN RELEASED BEFORE!!!

The third BONUS game is an unreleased game called: StarFire 

That’s right!  For the 40th Anniversary of the ColecoVision we’re bringing you a fully and exclusive unreleased game!
Some goodies are also planned this year!  Hold on tight!

Note: The Complete in box games is are FULLY EXCLUSIVE to this club!   We’re NOT going to make or sell more copies!
In other words, this is your only chance to get those games.  (And believe us, you don’t want to miss it!)
The exclusive game(s) will be shipped as soon as manufacturing is done.




Please note that all purchases are final and are not refundable.

The only rules are the ones you can read here. Don’t trust what you read on other forums or elsewhere on the net.
Remember, you’re paying to be a member!  
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you !





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