Princess Quest

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One day, an Evil King from a neighboring dark kingdom came to meet the royal family under the false pretense of diplomatic negotiations of border disputes. The true reason for his visit was to satisfy his curiosity, after he had heard so much about the Princess and her extraordinary beauty. Upon laying eyes on her, the Evil King immediately desired her, and using his dark magical powers, he kidnapped her and took her back to his kingdom.

A young and courageous lad known to all as the Knight, had been a close friend of the Princess since early childhood, and was seen as the most likely to marry her and the logical choice as the next heir to the throne. But the Princess, the woman he loved, was now in jeopardy. The Knight wasted no time in volunteering to go to the Evil King’s kingdom and rescue his beloved.

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Manual Design

Vincent Godefroy

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Vincent Godefroy


Mattel Intellivision


Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez



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  1. FrozenGamer

    Awesome Ghost and Goblins style run, jump, and shoot action against relentless enemies. Great graphics and sound, this game is hard but with replay you will start to develop patterns and techniques to succeed! A must have addition to your Intellivision library!

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