Ice World ColecoVision


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Single player game


You are Cookie the polar bear. You are wandering in the Ice World searching for treasures hidden in the ice. Combine L-Stones to make treasures appear but beware, Choko and Vany are chasing you! The mazes are mostly made up of indestructible blocks, but some can be pushed around the screen or melted by hitting them with your hammer. If you hit an enemy with your weapon, it becomes stunned for a short time. While it prevents them from chasing you, it also means you can’t move past them, so you have to think about the best place and time to hit them. Featuring:

  • Great Conversion!
  • Great Sounds!
  • Very Addictive game!

The contains: 

  • Box
  • Regular black cart
  • Instruction Manual

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**Please note that we are shipping from Canada

***This game require the SGM or the Phoenix.


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