Hustle Chumy


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Single player game


You are Chumy, the mouse. You live in the sewer, and you are very hungry. Luckily, the sewer is filled with cheese, only it is guarded by menacing creatures such as rabbits, turtles and bats.  In order to get his cheese, Chumy must go between platforms connected by ladders,
all the time avoiding the other creatures. Luckily, Chumy can jump very far, across and above the nasties. Chumy also has an arsenal of cans to throw at the enemies. Most die after just one hit, whereas others are more impervious to attacks. The rabbits are particularly dangerous, since they may pounce at you unexpectedly, they being able to jump just as far as Chumy. When Chumy eats cheese (or bombs or biscuits), he moves slower due to the extra weight. When the mouse has fed on all the cheese, it can take the dust chute down from the top level to the bottom, and make its way to the exit and on to the next level.


  • Great Graphics
  • Great Sounds
  • Addictive game!
  • SG-1000 Conversion

The contains: 

  • Box
  • Game Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual



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