Energy Quiz


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A previously unreleased game!

Energy Quiz is a 2 player simultaneous game only

Each player is given an energy source with their color.
Then players must move their cursor around in order to paint the screen with their color.
If you come across your opponent’s color, it is erased.
If you come back on it, then it is turned into your color.
If you manage to display the whole icon of your energy source, then this surface can no longer be converted by your opponent.
The winner is the player who has painted the biggest surface with his color within the 95 seconds of the game or the first one to discover his 2 icons。

We recently acquired (and preserved!) this prototype game and we’re now proud to bringing it back to life!
Here’s your chance to own a complete in box copy.
This game is probably for true ColecoVision collectors as it will certainly not be the best game you ever played but rather a unique piece of history that was designed for the ColecoVision in the 80’s.
You’ll be the only judge!


Energy Quiz


  • 2 player simultaneous game ONLY
  • Billingual game (English and French)
  • Lots of fun  (Subjective 😛 )
  • A chance to own a piece of ColecoVision history!

The contains

  • Box
  • Game Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual

More information here!

**Please note that we are shipping from Canada


Here’s a Preview recorded with CoolCV. The actual game looks better.




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