CollectorVision Experience Club Membership (2021)


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Yes! Because of you, the CollectorVision club is back for another year!

The CollectorVision Experience Club has been brought to you so you can support us and get exclusive game(s)!

Registration is now closed. Thank you

This is for all true ColecoVision fans!

Why would you want to be a member?

Here’s many reasons why:


– You will receive a Personalized Membership Card. If you were a member last year, we’ll give you the same member number.


– Get access to our new ColecoVision rom vault 2021 that will include a total of 100 rom files, including a few that were never released.


–A chance to win a Phoenix console! We will be drawing one limited Adam color Phoenix console.

     Yes, That’s right, by registering you will be automatically eligible for the draw that will be done in June , 2021.


– You will also receive 1 (or 2) complete  in box ColecoVision Game Exclusive to this Club! (shipping included)
Note: Only IF we reach 200 members, we will include 2 Exclusive games.


– As a Bonus, with 200 members, we will also include a CIB copy of Sydney Hunter Cavern of Death for Super NES.




*The Complete in box game(S) is FULLY EXCLUSIVE to this club!   We’re NOT going to make more copies!
In other words, this might be your ONLY chance to get this game(s).  The exclusive game(s) will be shipped as soon as ready.

The first Exclusive game is an Arcade port! you will get this one for sure!!

The second one, if we reach 200 members is a really known game that should been an Arcade game as well!

Membership start January 2021 and ends December 31th 2021



Please note that all purchases are final and are not refundable.

The only rules are the ones you can read here, don’t trust what you can read other forums or elsewhere on the net.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!



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