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Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe for the Sega Master System





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You’re Sydney Hunter, the great adventurer 
You’ve been exploring the Yucatán Peninsula, seeking treasures
As you traveled, you were captured in the night by a mysterious tribe

Although they claim they won’t hurt you, you are still their prisoner…


Sacred Tribe was first being made for Intellivision and was voted ”Best game of the year” in 2016 by the Intellivision community.
In 2017, we’ve released the game for ColecoVision and it has been one of our best sellers on ColecoVision since then.
Since we’ve fond memories with the Sega Master, we’ve decided to also port it for the SMS.



  • Over 100 unique screens!
  • 9 unique songs!
  • Compatible FM Soundtrack!
  • 10 Different types of enemies!
  • Treasures & Secrets!
  • Great replay value!


  • Box (with a reversible cover art)
  • Game Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual


*A huge thanks to The Immortal John Hancook for the great review!



****Please note that we are using recycled shells. (these might have scratches as they are not new)

***** NOTE that we are shipping from Canada and there is no tracking number.

1 review for Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe SMS

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    It’s been a loooooong time (too long) since hooking up my Master System so I was quite excited to finally have another reason to do so. After playing different iterations of Sydney Hunter at various expos over the past years I knew pretty much what to expect from the gameplay experience except that I wasn’t quite sure how the team would manage to squeeze so much out of the SMS in order to deliver an experience that felt “right”. As a platformer, first and foremost, controls make or break the experience and I’m happy to say that everything definitely feels “right” to me. As with any game, there’s a learning curve and Sydney Hunter is no different. After the first few playthroughs of getting used to Sydney’s jump arc, I was on my way. Some jumps over gaps are quite tight and at times feel like they’re pixel perfect even. But I would venture a guess that it was designed to be that way. I grew up loving and appreciating Castlevania games so the frustration that comes with unforgiving jumps is nothing new to me. To persevere, reach new depths and get the satisfaction of knowing you earned your way through a gauntlet of platforming is incredibly satisfying. The only thing really keeping me back was that I was using an original SMS controller where the imprecise floaty D-pad would often not register my movements the way I wanted. I thought about plugging in a Genesis controller but I wanted to full experience of playing a brand new SMS game, which is something you can’t really say much of nowadays. The packaging is an absolute Home Run. The attention to detail and the feel of it is so right and not at all out of place next to the rest of the SMS library. I would recommend this game to any platforming fan or famous treasure hunter.

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