Jet Ready


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*Note: this is not final Box Artwork.


Single player game


In this game you are an astronaut and you need to escape this planet. The goal of the game is to reach the teleporters that will bring you to the next level. you can collect diamonds for extra points and a perfect score.  Likewise, clearing the level before the time limit also awards you with extra points as well. This planet as been overcome with Luna-ticks, make sure not to touch them otherwise they will kill you! You think you have what it takes to complete the 8 levels and escape? Good luck!!
  • Brand New Game!
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Great Sounds
  • Addictive game!
  • 8 different levels.
  • Great replay value!

The contains: 

  • Box
  • Game Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual


*This game is a pre-order, please note that it might not be shipping before March 2019.

**Also note that we are shipping from Canada and there is no tracking number.


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