CollectorVision Experience Club Membership (2020)



The Collectorvision Experience Club has been brought to you so you can both support us and get some completely exclusive goodies at the same time!
By being part of our Club, you will also receive exclusive offers!

Registration to the club will stay open for 3 weeks.

This is for the hardcore ColecoVision fans only!


Why would you want to be a member? Here’s many reasons why!

– You will get a Personalized Membership Card

– Receive 1x complete in box ColecoVision Game* Exclusive to this Club! (shipping included)

– Get access to our new ColecoVision roms vault that include all previously rom files plus 17 newly added ones**

( a link will be sent to you for downloading the roms as soon we close the registration )

– A Soundtrack CD of Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death

– The possibility to buy some older games that are out of stock (more details to come)

– $10 off coupon for your next purchase (need to be used during the same year’s membership)

– A chance to win a Phoenix console!

Yes, That’s right!, by registering you will be automatically eligible for our draw to win a Phoenix console!
(draw will be done by June 1, 2020)


*The Complete in box game is FULLY EXCLUSIVE to this club!   We’re NOT going to make or sell more copies!
In other words, this is your ONLY chance to get this game.  The exclusive game will be shipped in March/April 2020

** 17 Newly added roms exclusively to the 2020 Club for a total of 80 rom files!


***Please note that all purchases are final and are not refundable.

**** The only rules are the ones you can read here, don’t trust what you can read other forums or elsewhere on the net.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


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