CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System™

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The ONLY Colecovision™ system you will EVER need!

An FPGA ColecoVision™ Compatible System

*Final Case design subject to change


Product Description

The CollectorVision Phoenix™ is an FPGA ColecoVision™ compatible system that plays ALL ColecoVision™ games



– 7.50″ length

– 4.75″ wide

– 1.70″ high



– Compatible with ALL ColecoVision™ game cartridges!

– 100% Accurate!

– Region Free!

– Worldwide Compatibility [PSU: 100-240v, 50-60hz]



– HDMI Output



– Digital audio via HDMI


Special Features

F18A Video Enhanced Compatibility Built-in*  ($86 value!)

Officially licensed Opcode SGM compatibility Built-in* ($100 value!)

– Original-style Colecovision™ (DB-9)  Controller Ports

– Original Colecovision™ Cartridge Port

– Original-style SNES/SFC Controller Port  (For even more controller compatiblity!) (NTT Data compatible)

– SD card firmware updating [via SD card slot]*

– PS2 Keyboard input

– The SEX7289 “COURTNEY” Wavetable Sound Generator (WSG) is an new custom sound chip which can produce a rich plurality of sounds with minimal intervention of the CPU.



– CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System™

– Sydney Hunter & the Caverns of Death (Exclusive pack-in Game cartridge)

– 5+ Built-in digital Homebrew games included!

– Instruction Manual

– HDMI Cable

– Worldwide Power Supply [100-240v, 50/60hz, USA/JPN plug-type]


Expansion Module Port

A variety of expansion modules will be released after console launch. More information on these will be provided later.


More details will be revealed with the kickstarter launch!



Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)


  • What is your target price?

Answer:  $200


  • Isn’t it expensive for a ColecoVision console?

Answer:  While we understand it may not be for everyone out there, we also think there’s more than enough ColecoVision™ fans out there willing to make a project like this to happen.  Being in the community for more than 10 years now, CollectorVision knows the potential and need for a console like this to happen!  Not to mention how poor and unreliable the original ColecoVision™ console is!  It would most likely cost you about $300 to get similar results to our console, and that doesn’t even make your system 100% reliable and doesn’t include all the features we’re including.  So no contest here!


  • Will it come with any new controller(s)?

Answer:  No, we prefer to focus first and foremost on the console itself and make it completely right.  Although the console is already compatible with original ColecoVision™ controllers and any DB-9 Controllers out there. It even support SNES controllers, including the NTT Data controller!


  • Are you ever going to make a new controller available?

Answer:  Definitely!  We are going to start designing a brand new comfortable & reliable controller as soon as the console is available.


  • Is the CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System™ compatible with < insert any game name here > ?

Answer: Yes, our system will play ANY ColecoVision compatible games, in other words: 100% compatibility!


  • Is the CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System™ open source?

Answer: Yes, anyone can add ANY features/enhancements to it!


  • Is the CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System™ in ANY way affiliated and/or authorized by Coleco Holdings?

Answer: No, The CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System is NOT affiliated and/or liscenced by Coleco Holdings.  It has been COMPLETELY designed & manufactured by CollectorVision Games Inc.


  • What is the F18A Video Enhancement?

Answer: A video enhancement functionality. This provides an improved video output as well as several extra features like eliminating sprite flicker, improved color palettes, and hardware scrolling capabilites.


  • What is the SGM (Super Game Module)?

Answer: This provides the extra ram and sound capabilities to play all Super Game Module Games™


  • What is the SEX7289 “COURTNEY” Wavetable Sound Generator (WSG) ?

Answer: SEX7289 “COURTNEY” is an expanded Wave Sound Generator module to provide even more sound capability that can be added to new games.


  • Do you have any experience at all with injection mold tooling?

Answer: Yes, in fact, we do own an injection mold tooling for ColecoVision™ cartridge shell and are also dealing with the very same company for about 10 years.  We have also been providing brand new cartridge shells to other homebrewers for a couple of years.


* Loading rom file off the SD card is available for homebrew developers to test out their creations (i.e. homebrew games). CollectorVision Games Inc. does not condone or promote piracy, please purchase original games to support the game developers and companies when possible.



The CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System™ is made and manufactured by CollectorVision Games Inc. 

SGM™ & Super Game Module™ are trademarks of Opcode Games and are used under license to CollectorVision Games Inc.

ColecoVision™ is a trademark of Coleco Holdings

CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System™ is a trademark of CollectorVision Games Inc.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

© 2018 CollectorVision Games Inc.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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