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We now have an agreement with Daniel Bienvenu. Collectorvision will be publishing some of his best games.

If you have missed a Daniel Bienvenu release, its not too late!

Stop paying big money on Ebay!

The games are:

– 2000, Dacman: This game was the first new game of the millennium. I don’t think this game need a description 🙂

– 2000, BUSTin Out vol. 1, BUSTin Out vol. 2, BUSTin Out vol. 3:
BUSTin Out was the first erotic game for the Colecovision. Vol. 3 was never officially released and wasn’t 100% complete but its playable. We have decided to make it available to complete the series. Similar to breakout, BUSTin Out is a game where you hit the ball against a wall of bricks to discover the erotic pictures.

– 2009, Ghost Blaster:  This game was originally created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CCJVQ club. The one and only Ghostblaster has to eliminate all of the ghosts and collect gems.

– 2010, Insane Pickin’Sticks VIII: An easy game where you simply move around collecting sticks in a yard. This game was created in approximately 1 day. The game was optimized to be a 4K game to participate with the Mini game Compo 2K9.

– 2012, Flora: Flora is a fairy, protector of this realm, who heals flowers to gain magic power. Collect goodies and shoot lightning to defeat evil and restore peace. Collect 6 mirror pieces during a level to finish it.

– 2013, Strip Poker: Human-like opponent and Poker variation 5-card draw classic.

All games are getting a new box and will come complete with a manual.

If you are interested, pricing will go this way:
The price is $50/each game


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