Lord of the Dungeon


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Lord of the Dungeon

A true gamer’s game – full of adventure, fantasy and challenge!           Wander through the 256 rooms on each of 10 levels to collect treasures and buy weapons or magic.

A unique, special feature (Battery Save Backup) allows you to store information of your current adventure for a week, a month or even years!



Please note: When a title is “Available on backorder” it means you can order it, but it may take longer to ship to you (2-12 weeks) than a title that is currently “in stock.”  We need to wait until we have a certain amount of orders for a game so we can produce a new batch of them before we can ship.  Rest assured you will get your game and thank you for your patience.  Please also note that back-ordered games may not have a choice of box-style (if applicable) and we will ship with what is currently in stock.  Please let us know if you want a specific box style and we will try our best to accommodate, but we cannot make guarantees. Also note that this game will be shipped without manual.



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